We did a series of these for VH1 Classic. Here are some of the episodes Mary worked on.
Mary's role: 
animation, compositing​​​​​​​
Full credits:
Created by: Aaron Stewart and Tim Harrington 
Director: Mixtape Club
Creative Director: Chris Lenox Smith
Producers: John Holt, Bruce Moreau
Design: Aaron Stewart
Animators: Aaron Stewart, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch, Adam Sacks, Phil Andrews, Jake Armstrong, John Holt
Compositors: Jesse Casey, Luciano Tapia, Josh Goodrich, Chris Lenox Smith, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Paul Vilacis
3D Artist: Sean Moller
Audio Engineers: John Parthum, Parker Silzer, Pat Cupples
VO: John Holt as Paulie Gold, Tim Harrington as Randy Swollenblade, Parker Silzer as Mather 
Music & Sound: Mixtape Club Music 
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