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Mary's role: 
storyboards and animatic, character animation, character design
Full Credits:
Created by Jesse Casey, Adam Gidwitz, Chris Lenox Smith 
Director: Chris Lenox Smith 
Screenplay: Jesse Casey
Cast: Elliot Eisner - Josh Feldman, Uchenna Devereaux - Monica Soyemi, Professor Mito Fauna - Shelley Valfer, Jersey - Parker Silzer

Executive Producer: Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith 
Voice Over Producer: John Holt 
Storyboards: Mary Varn
Technical Director: Frank Suarez 
Based on the illustrations of Hatem Aly 
Character Design: Mary Varn
Background Design: Barry Bruner 
Lead Animators: Frank Suarez, Mary Varn 
Animation: Efrain Clinton, Frank Suarez, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte, George Zheng 
Music & Sound: Mixtape Club Music
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